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Fujian Refining &Petrochemical Company Limited(FREP)is a large-scale petrochemical enterprise jointly invested by Fujian Petrochemical Company Limited(FPCL,jointly invested by Sinopec and Fujian Government),Exxonmobil China Petroleum & Petrochemical Company Limited(EMCP&P)and Saudi Aramco Asia Company Limited (SAAC) in a proportion of 50%: 25%: 25% respectively..
The Company is located at the South Coast of Meizhou Bay in Quangang District,Quanzhou City,Fujian Province,southeast coastal area of China,with convenient traffic two hour away from Xiamen airport and Fuzhou airport and express way directing to east and south China region.The dedicated crude and product oil berths are located at the deep and open waters with a total designed throughput of 18 million tons per year..
Since its establishment,FREP has endeavored to sustainable development.In November of 2009,Fujian Integrated Refining Ethylene project-the first and single largest sino-foreign investment of an integrated refining &petrochemical joint venture project in china-was put into commercial operation and increased FREPS refining capacity from 4MTA(80K bblday) to 12MTA(240K bbl/day).The newly-built series of large-scale chemical units including Steam Cracker,Polyethylene,Polypropylene and Aromatics were put into operation smoothly and simultaneously.At the end of 2013,FREP completed steam cracking debottleneck revamp to further upgrading oil product quality and optimizing the product mix..
FREP has always put health,safety and environmental protection on the first place by increasing improved safety and environmental protection performance,creating safe,reliable and environment-friendly surrounding,attaching importance to and proactively shoulder its social responsibilities,dedicated to become a corporation most welcomed by employees,most reliable partner for customer and a good neighbor..
FREP boast a series of inspiring moral standard and corporation value targeting to build a salary system to attract,retain and inspire employees of good performance.Company provides various competitive benefits for employees including"five insurances and housing fund",legal festivals and holidays,annual leave,home leave,maternity leave,marriage leave,funeral leave,as well as corporation annuity,supplementary medical insurance,self-fund saving,paid medical leave,recuperation,individual incident allowance,allowance for family members of deceased employees,free health check and work meal,birthday gift,etc..

联系人 :陈俊杰;郭立华
电 话 :0595-27355866,0595-87023108
地 址 :福建省泉州市丰泽区安吉南路福炼大厦
邮 编 :362300

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